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Congratulations Michele Campbell!

Michele has Michele has been awarded the School of Engineering's Outstanding Student Award for the Materials Science and Engineering department from the graduating undergraduate class of Fall 2022.

From steel to plastic to silicon, introduction of these new materials transformed industries and lives. Functional materials continuously play vital roles in the advancement of nearly every scientific and technological sector.

In Dr. Lu’s functional nanomaterial lab, we are harnessing capabilities in controlled inorganic nanomaterial synthesis, interface engineering, and newly acquired organic synthesis under one umbrella. The goal is to design and fabricate new types of material transducer platforms that are capable of efficiently converting one type of energy (or force) into another. Achieving high-efficiency energy conversion will enable energy storage devices and fuel cell technology. Furthermore, the ability to transduce one kind of energy into another is essential for biosensing and artificial intelligence, among other applications.


A heartfelt farewell to Luke Jackson, who will be pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at UC Riverside with funding from the Chancellor's Fellowship!

Many congrats to Will for his publication in Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis!

Congratulations to Yaneth Hernandez! Yaneth is graduating with her Master of Science in Material Sciences & Engineering from Lu Lab Group and will be moving to New York to work as a Corrosion Scientist for PLUG Power. We will miss you, and good luck with the next steps in your career!

Thank you to Dr. Will Henderson, Dr. Weilai Yu, and Gaurav Ashish Kamat for visiting UC Merced and for presenting their research to MACES, we hope to see you three again soon!

Congratulations to Michele Campbell,  winner of the CCBM/MACES symposium!

Congratulations to Michael Leveille and Yaneth Hernandez,  winners of the MACES GradSlam!

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