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Do you want to work along with NASA scientists or researchers at the DOE National laboratories? We might be the lab for you. At the Functional Nanomaterial Research Laboratory, you’ll play a vital part in developing materials-enabled transducer platforms for a variety of applications spanning from energy conversion and storage to soft robotics.

With multidisciplinary training and a structured mentoring system of working with postdoctoral associates, peer graduate students, in addition to your research advisor, you will appreciate the importance of basic scientific concepts and see their connections to advanced technologies. You will learn materials synthesis and device concepts. You’ll also develop critical and analytical thinking skills, laying the foundation necessary for developing into an innovative researcher, engineer or scholar.

We are looking for proactive and self-motivated students to join our exciting research team. In particular, we are looking for students who are interested in pursuing Ph.D. studies. Immediate openings are available on the following two research topics:

  • Position 1: Carbon-based 3D hierarchical structure design and synthesis for energy storage and conversion or water purification. Training in electrochemistry or physics is a plus.

  • Position 2: Synthesis and characterization of small molecule model systems and corresponding polymers for creating a low energy driven thermal contracting polymer platform.


Please apply through the Physics or MBSE program.

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