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Meet The Team

The nature of this research is highly multidisciplinary. We have assembled a team of students from diverse educational backgrounds: material science, electrical engineering, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry. Together, new knowledge and understanding as well as intellectual property will be generated. 


Jennifer Qing Lu (Principal Investigator)


Center Director, NASA Merced Nanomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing (MACES)

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Junior Specialist 



Jiasheng (Jason) Qian

Wenxin Fu

Jaon Komadina

Gökçe Uğur

Qiang Fu

Muharrem Acerce

Merck Millipore

Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences: Faculty

Roche: Manager

Materials Technologies, Central R&D in Turkey: Scientist

JF Advanced Technologies: Director of Research and Development

Istanbul University: Professor


Michael Leveille

Yaneth Hernandez

Kate Stephen

Katerina Nikolaidou

Jose Flores

Carlos Ortuno

Yang Liu

Tzu-I Chao

Jasper Zeng

Alex Shen

Sandia National Laboratory

Plug Power: Corrosion Scientist

UC Berkeley: Ph.D. Student

INESC Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Applied Materials

Cresco Labs: Manager

ADVA Optical Networking: Engineer

SupremeCure Pharma (Taiwan): Program Manager

Duke University: Researcher

Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Investment company: Venture Capitalist


Michele Campbell

Rod Erik Villa

Luke Jackson

Jacqueline Bustamante

Francisco Camacho

Alexis Durand

Kimball Andersen

David Pan

Eva Mo

Derek Brigham

Eric Provencio

Anita Ghia

Karen Ramirez

James Rosenberg

Robynn-Lynne Paldi

Angela Andrade

Victoria Aries

Julia Ramos

Dylan Dahlquist


UC Riverside: Graduate Student

UCLA: Graduate Student

Mechanical Engineer at the Wright Pattern Air Force

e-Demain: Product Manager

TFMassif Technologies: Director of Engineering

Carl Zeiss: Engineer

Exxon Mobil: Engineer

Pratt and Whitney: Engineer

Walt Disney: Engineer

Bloom Energy: Engineer

Intel: Engineer

University of Utah: Graduate Student

Purdue University: Graduate Student

UC Merced: Graduate Student

UIUC: Graduate Student

University of the Pacific: Pharmacy student

LLNL: Research Assistant

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